Entertainment - Theme Parks, Safety Controls

Safety is paramount and safety controls are an absolute necessity when providing ride control systems for major theme parks around the globe.


CLX Engineering was chosen for the full scale show animatronic, a fire breathing Hungarian Horntail Dragon , at the first ever Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In addition to rigid safety requirements and testing inclusive of FAT and SAT, CLX Engineering’s task was to design a control system with linear actuators that could handle large masses at high rates of speed and create an overall fluid, life-like motion profile. Already a daunting task, but then you have to include designing this actuation in a confined envelope that was then wrapped in a latex skin.


CLX Engineering overcame all of these obstacles, while making the show action system safe for the park guests as well as the employees that would service the system.


CLX Engineering continued with awards of new marquee ride attraction controls, providing our engineering and services, on both Transformers and the Gringotts attraction at Universal Orlando.


CLX Engineering's safety control systems provide major theme parks' life size animatronics with the motion controls that bring the characters to life and add magic to the attraction.