Controls Systems Conceptualization and Design

Communication, involvement and understanding of the facility operations, and the real world experiences to comprehend and execute the best solution for your specific industry and process, are what brings CLX Engineering’s control systems development to successful implementation.


We can work from your concept to provide everything from process and instrumentation diagrams, specifications and a fully fleshed out proposal to complete your work or we can work from your documents and assist in creating an efficient, functional system, encompassing everything from a simple local PLC approach to the system that is fully integrated throughout the plant.


Our team has deployed many automated control systems in a wide variety of industries. This time and experience has allowed us to develop our best practices and project expertise. Our unparalleled attention to detail and comprehensive methodology will ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked in this phase. We use AutoCAD to increase efficiency, quality and consistency in drawing sets. No matter what vendor platform we are deploying for your industry, we provide the leading software solutions. You can be sure that every aspect of controls and operations will have been rigorously tested under every conceivable scenario. We take safety very seriously and it is not compromised in our workplace or on your project; we ensure that each system meets all NFPA life-safety requirements and recommendations. We design to UL508a and NEC requirements.


  • PLC panels
  • Local control panels
  • Remote IO panels
  • Pump control panels
  • Motor control panels
  • Instrumentation panels


We will happily bring our control system development and deployment expertise to any industry sector. Our approach of full system in-house emulation testing applies to any application.