Baggage Handling Systems - Turnkey Controls Integration

CLX Engineering has serviced over 60 airports throughout the United States and have substantial experience as outlined below:


We have extensive design and installation experience reflecting 100% inline EDS-BHS (various CTX, CT-80 and L3 models) for Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (CBIS) at many major airports, which require close coordination with TSA representatives such as Battell, Carter-Burgess, and airport/airline officials throughout the U.S. We have successfully completed and/or overseen several Integrated Site Acceptance Test (ISAT) certifications and have served as both OAR and Consultant.


Our responsibilities include the review of all electrical and mechanical specifications and drawings supplied by the designer and/or consultants, as well as adherence to all current TSA commissioning guidelines. We conduct design reviews on proposed changes to project scope, perform impact analysis, and cost analysis for changes as required and plan project schedules and phasing.


CLX Engineering's experience with all major PLCs and software packages includes:

  • Allen-Bradley range of controllers
  • Siemens range of controllers
  • Modicon Quantum
  • Programming/documentation software packages associated with all of these